Welcome to the Paradise!

The Riviera Maya is currently the fastest growing region in in the Yucatan Peninsula. These Caribbean towns, became popular for their fabulous beaches, stunning archeological ruins and world class living. Thus, creating a real estate boom for foreign investors.

Prices run the gamut from one-bedroom condos for about $170,000 to multi-million-dollar villas with sea views, swimming pools and ample lots. Yet the average price of condos is between $200,000 and $550,000.

Foreigners and Mexican alike are moving to this spectacular area to retire, have second homes for vacations, and for investment properties.

Playa Del Carmen -

This town was once a small fishing village with a lot of charm was really discovered by tourists fairy recently and during the last 20 years the town has gone from simple quaint thatched huts restaurants on the 5th Avenue downtown to multi-story hotels, restaurants for every type of foodie, boutiques and shopping galore to serve the more than 1 million tourists that visit the city annually. Playa Del Carmen has a large amount of real estate options with the most popular areas being the gated community of Playa Car Phase 1 and II, where you will find primary single family homes surrounding a golf course and facing the beach or the more urban and hip uptown area which is mainly condo living with the ability to walk to the beach, the fabulous nightlife Playa del Carmen offers or to just grab a bite to eat and people watch.

Puerto Aventuras -

Located about 20 minutes south from Playa Del Carmen is an upscale marina community. This enclave in the Riviera Maya is retiree and family oriented living. Many of the inhabitants live here 6 months out of the year and use their condos as vacation homes and rental properties. The marina is based on the Caribbean Ocean on one side and a 9 hole golf course in the middle. There are a plethora of activities for everyone from sailing schools, tennis courts, and a wide array of activities and the local restaurants, from Karaoke to trivia nights. The real estate runs from $170,000 to over $2,000,000. This is a smaller town where the population gets around on bicycles, and golf carts. Close enough to the city and far enough away right at the same time.

Akumal -

Home of the turtles, with wilder beaches and more rustic locations, the beachside communities of Akumal are primarily single family beachfront homes, many are used as rental homes for tourists, when the owners are not there. Half moon Bay,  to the North has many condominiums for sale. Prices vary from $289,000 to $550,000 US dollars. There are dozen or so restaurants in Akumal and an exceptional bakery.

Tulum -

Paradise found among the stunning Tulum Ruins. The beach zone of Tulum is awash with fabulous boho, eco chic hotels, and an awe inspiring beach. A favorite location for the Hollywood stars as well as the rich of famous. Regularly featured in the New York Times, there is still the opportunity to purchase a fabulous condo or home in the area which features the new development of Aldea Zama a gated community 5 minutes from the beach with the promise of a great interior shopping center, restaurants and is going to show a great ROI for those looking for investment proprieties in Mexico. To the south there is region 15, Harmony, La Veleta, and other area too numerous to count with many more years of strong growth in the future, Tulum is a great choice.